Boarding & Daycare

Daycare Packages and Pricing

Your dog’s stay includes being with staff and friendly dogs in daycare throughout the day; being tucked in with a night-night treat or kiss to sleep by themselves overnight in a crate or kennel; and waking up after a good sleep to play another day away. Blankets and cots can be provided as long as your buddy is not a blanket chewer. We even can provide a marrowbone for those who prefer a nice chew before catching some zzzs.

We keep a close eye on dogs that spend consecutive full days in daycare. Dogs that are tiring and not snuggling on cots with other pups for naps during the day can be separated when needed so they can rest.

Your pup will need to be successfully enrolled in daycare before boarding, so an evaluation needs to occur before your stay. Also, your pup will need to be current on rabies, distemper, bordetella, and influenza bivalent and have a clear fecal test every six months.

*Packages expire 1 year from purchase and non-refundable


Hourly prices are $3.75 per hour. Minimum 4 hours per visit ($15 minimum daily charge). Pets can be picked up earlier if desired.

  • 20 hours (+2 free hours) | One dog $75/ Two dogs $70
  • 40 hours {+4 free hours) | One dog $145/ Two dogs $135
  • 60 hours {+7 free hours) | One dog $215/ Two’dogs $205
  • 80 hours {+12 free hours) | One dog $290/ Two dogs $270
  • 100 hours {+20 free hours) | One dog $365/Two dogs $345
  • One dog – $508 | Two dogs – $743
  • One month of unlimited daycare beginning on the day of purchase
  • This package offers a discounted boarding stay, as only the $24 discounted boarding rate applies for overnights
  • Includes one free groom or two free baths, plus unlimited nail trims

In order for a dog to enroll in daycare, we will need two things:

  • A copy of updated rabies, distemper, bordetella, and influenza shot record from your vet
  • A clear fecal within the last six months

After sending in your documents, the next step is to contact us to set up an appointment for your dog to be evaluated. The evaluation process simply involves letting your dog be acclimated with the surroundings, slowly introducing them to the dogs currently in daycare.

Dogs must be at least 16 weeks old (puppies must complete all puppy boosters for their age before coming in for a meet-and-greet).

All dogs must be spayed/neutered by eight months of age.


New pups: Please call ahead to schedule your pup’s evaluation.

New and current dogs: If you apply Frontline (or any kind of topical), we require that you wait 48 hours before visiting. These topical ointments are placed on your pup’s back and neck so they cannot lick it, and we also don’t want other daycare pups licking it. At daycare, dogs play with their mouths and eyes close to other dogs, and we want to make sure that the ointment is dry before visiting.

Boarding Pricing

Our boarding friends will have the same care and playtime they would during their normal stays.

One dog: $38.50 per night, daycare included

Two dogs: $73 per night, daycare included

Three dogs: $107 per night, daycare included