Pamper your pet! They’ll be glad you did!

Grooming is about more than just looks. It is also important to the overall health of your pet. Regular grooming can prevent problems such as excessive shedding, painful mats, hairballs, and skin and paw disorders, as well as helping identify other problems that might go unnoticed without the extra attention. Talk to one of our stylists about a complete makeover for your pet.

Make the healthy choice for your pet.

The team at Free Spirit Doggy Daycare believes that maintaining your pet’s cleanliness is just as important as maintaining their appearance. We do recommend starting the grooming process young so they fully understand that it is a normal part of life and can become a part of their routine. Even at home, brushing a pet helps remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff, as well as brings out a natural oil that is spread over your pet’s coat.

Our Grooming Menu

Grooming prices vary by dog breed. Please contact us for more information.


​All grooming packages include:

– Nail trims
– Ear cleaning and plucked
– Anal gland expression
– Bath
– Blow out
– Breed-related haircut

Prices start at $30 and then vary based on the size and breed of your pup. Please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing.

Grooming upgrades include:

– Deep conditioning treatment ($16)
– Deshedding treatment ($22.35)


​All baths include:

– Nail trim
– Ear cleaning
– Anal gland expression (upon request)


1-20 lbs. – $28.35
21-40 lbs. – $30.45
41-60 lbs. – $33.60
61-80 lbs. – $35.70
81-100 lbs. – $37.80
100+ lbs. – $40.95

Bath upgrades include:

– Teeth brushing ($12)
– Special shampoo
(small dogs – $8, large dogs – $11)
– Nail Dremel ($16)
– Brush out / blow out ($19.50)
– Sanitary Shave ($5)
– Feet Trimming / Pad Shaving ($5)
– Ear Cleaning and Plucking ($5)